Collateral Damage Now Available for Pre-Order!

Tank and Jess’s story, Collateral Damage, is available for pre-order!

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. A concept every marine is taught to overcome any obstacle life throws at you. I made it my mission to do just that.

Except my way to prevail was to shut down and build impenetrable walls.

It worked.
Until it didn’t.
Until my life became a shitstorm I could never adapt to or overcome.

Until it took the most important person in my life from me.

I’ve always been on the outside of every relationship. Including the one with my parents.
Then I met Tank, and for the first time in my life, I had hope that I could belong.
Until I didn’t.
Until he shut me out.

He said it was to protect me. To keep me away from the shadows.
Doesn’t he realize all he was doing was pushing me into the dark?

His job is to protect. To save.
But us.

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Risky Rockstar Release: Nov 1st!

RISKY ROCKSTAR is going to be released on Nov 1st!

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When Hayley Stephens proposed a collaboration with me and my band, I thought the only risk was that we wouldn’t connect and our music would suffer because of it. I couldn’t’ve been more wrong.

Our connection was off the charts and unwittingly, Hayley filled a void I’d long since grown accustomed to. There was just one problem: she was involved with Kevin Peyton and I had no right falling for her.

Then she admitted that her relationship was a farce and things got serious fast. But the closer we became, the more it became clear that we were each hiding demons. That safe space we had started to disintegrate, and everything went to shit along with it. I can feel her holding back. I know she doesn’t trust me enough to let me in. Can I be her safe space or will my demons take over?

Am I worth the risk? I know she is.

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Drop Beat is Now Live!

Drop Beat (The Heartbeat Series Book 2) is now live on Amazon, and on sale for only 99 cents, and free on Kindle Unlimited! Check out Maddie and Keller’s story today!

Three things are more important to me than anything else: family, baking, and fun. So when I saw Keller Cannon, drummer of LP-45, perform at a charity concert, I knew he’d be the perfect guy to have heaps of fun with.
It was temporary. No strings attached. A pretty damn perfect arrangement if you ask me.
Until it wasn’t. Until being with him highlighted just what I was missing.
But having more wasn’t an option.
He made that perfectly clear.

Music is my escape. When I’m behind my drums, I’m granted temporary respite from my demons and a small reprieve I don’t deserve.
Until Maddie.
Maddie is a distraction I can’t afford and crave at the same time. I drown in her and she breathes life into me. She offers peace–the comfort and promise of a life free from the torment. But I don’t deserve her. And I can’t need her like I do.
I just can’t.