Prologue – Broken Chords

Prologue *Unedited draft. Trigger warnings in comments to prevent spoilers*

I stare at the sodden toilet paper, the scarlet stain bringing bile to my throat as fear constricts my chest. As if on autopilot, I discard the toilet paper and pull more off the roll, closing my eyes and willing a different result with everything I have. Tears sting and a wave of nausea washes over me as an even darker stain mocks me. I don’t know why Simon springs to mind in this moment, but suddenly it is three weeks ago and I’m back at Simon’s apartment heaving into the toilet.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and rest my forehead on my arms. This is disgusting, I should move, I know I should, but I just don’t have the energy. At first, I thought I had food poisoning from the snacks backstage and then I thought it might be a bug, but when I mentioned it to Sam, she pointed out that no one else had been experiencing symptoms and then, ever-the-logical one, pointed out that I only had one symptom.

I raise my head and look at the pregnancy test lying next to me on the floor, my relief paramount, and that in itself is telling.

One line.

Only one line.

Another wave of nausea washes through me and I vomit spectacularly into the bowl. I don’t hear the footsteps approaching over the sound of my gagging, but I can’t miss the anger in Simon’s tone.

“The fuck!”

I manage to stop vomiting, inhaling deep breaths through my nose and exhaling out my mouth as I watch Simon swipe the test off the floor. He stares at it, his face blotching an angry red, and then he waves the test at me like a weapon.

“What the fuck is this, Hayley?”
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Dreams do come true!

Oh my word, I hit the button and Cliché is up for preorder!

Writing has always felt like I’m standing in front of a crowd in my beige granny panties, slightly tipsy and my brain-to-mouth filter broken. To be fair my brain-to-mouth filter is mostly always broken but there’s nowhere to hide when you write—at least for me. But I love it! I love every moment of it and I’m getting to live my dream by seeing my book up for preorder on Amazon.

Now, excuse me while I collapse on the couch with a glass of wine!

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Cliché: Chapter One

I was giddy with excitement. Kevin had been away on location in Nepal for the last three months, which was the longest we’d gone without seeing one another. But worse than that, for the last two months we hadn’t even had an opportunity to talk on the phone, or text, for that matter. Now that he was nearly here, I couldn’t wait a minute longer.

Alison placed the yellow tulips on the coffee table in the charter lounge and looked over at me, her green eyes sparkling with barely contained enthusiasm. “That’s the last of them.” She blew her auburn curls out of her eyes. “Do celebrities always have such crazy demands?”

I looked around the lounge and stifled a smile. A dozen bunches of tulips dotted every available surface and Turkish Delights lined a bowl next to a bottle of lime milkshake.

I hid the smile tugging at my lips. “This is nothing.”
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